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Free tool to find keywords: Ubersuggest / Neilpatel

If you are here it may be that you are looking to improve your natural referencing. Who says SEO says keywords. But suddenly, how do you know on which keywords to optimize your site? Above all, how do you find good keyword ideas? A good keyword is a keyword searched enough for it to bring traffic and not too competitive. To help us, there are paid tools, like Semrush, Moz, ahrefs. There are also more affordable USA tools like Yooda Insight or Ranxplorer. But there is also a free tool: Ubersuggest! Presentation.

Neilpatel best seo tools
Neilpatel best seo tools

1- Introducing Ubersuggest

So no, Ubersuggest is not Uber's new delivery service that would deliver suggestions to you… whatever… The principle is pretty much the same.

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that will suggest keyword ideas for you. In short, we can talk about a keyword generator .

The tool has always been free and was acquired in July 2017 by marketers Neil Patel and Mike Kamo.

Their goal ? Conquer the world by offering super cool tools.

Many wondered if the tool would remain free. This is obviously still the case. Maybe that will change, like any powerful tool, it comes with costs and money not (yet) growing on trees (I'm working on it)... One wonders how Neil Patel fills his fridge. Don't worry, he looks fine.

We quickly notice on the new site that the interface has changed and has become super ergonomic. It's really nice to work on the new version of Ubersuggest. Thanks Neil!

You will quickly be assaulted by popups asking for your contact details: wheel of fortune, newsletter and many other cool interstitials.

Neil Patel not being the Dalai Lama, he will try to sell you consulting. All this seems normal to me, this is often how free tools work.

I introduced you to another SEO tool : Jloo , created by USA people. The principle is the same: free tool = recovery of a database of qualified contacts = sale of consulting.

In short, now that the presentations are made, I will present the features of the Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest Neilpatel
Ubersuggest Neilpatel

2- Ubersuggest Features

First of all, to access the tool, you have to go here: neilpatel/ubersuggest . As you can notice, the site is hosted on Neil Patel 's site .

Then, everything is very simple, you have a form, you can choose your database: France, Canada, Ukraine, USA etc.

You must then enter a keyword or a website.

Indeed, the purpose of Ubersuggest being to suggest keywords, you can either:

  • Offer him a basic SEO keyword , then he will look in the Google suggestions if there are other interesting close keywords;
  • Offer him a competitor's site, so he can see which keywords your competitor is positioned on.

Keyword analysis

Let's take a simple example, I will test with the keyword SEO agency . Here is what Neil Patel answers me:

Already, you will notice that Neil Patel is speaking directly to me. This little detail is already very pleasing because I assure you that it's not every day that you have the chance to be advised by someone like Neil Patel.

In short, at the beginning it just gives me the details of my keyword: the monthly search volume , the SEO difficulty , the difficulty in Google Ads, the average CPC (19€ WTF!?).

You will notice that it also gives the periodicity of the keyword month by month via a sublime graph. Typically in this example, we notice that between May and September, everyone doesn't give a damn about SEO agencies , but on the other hand, between October and April it's party time!

Keyword Ideas

Now let's get to the why of Ubersuggest, keyword ideas. So here is what Neil found for me:

22 ideas is not much, maybe I didn't choose the best keyword for this test. But at least it's realistic. I'm tired of examples with sites like Amazon, La Grande Récrée or Nike.

As you can see, Ubersuggest offers us some interesting ideas like seo agency , best seo agency , etc. The goal then is to use these keywords to improve the SEO of my page on my target keyword (here, it would be SEO agency).

For each suggested keyword, Ubersuggest tells us its search volume, average CPC , Adwords competition, organic competition. Valuable information for prioritizing SEO actions.

Everything is exportable in csv and can be copied to the clipboard.

Ubersuggest also gives us the TOP 100 results on the keyword: we notice for example that the SEO agency Eskimoz is positioned in first position.

3- Observe your competitors

As I told you, rather than entering a keyword, you can enter the URL of a site. The goal is to look at what the competition is doing.

General view

Let's take SEO agency Yakaferci as an example , their site URL is

As you can see, Ubersuggest tells me the number of keywords the site is ranking on, the estimated organic traffic and gives me some Adwords data (obviously, they don't).

Main Pages

Now we can go to see what are the main pages of our competitor. In short: the pages that generate the most traffic for it via SEO .

Let's keep the example of the Yakaferci agency :

Ubersuggest therefore tells us the ranking of the best pages of the competing site, therefore their URL, the estimated monthly traffic of the page, by clicking on the "See all" button, the keywords on which the page is positioned, the shares on Facebook and Pinterest and soon backlinks.

Key words

Last tab: keywords. This report gives us the list of all the keywords on which the competitor site is positioned.

The report is very precise, it gives us:

  • The position of the site on this keyword;
  • The search volume;
  • Estimated visits to the site thanks to this keyword (estimate made on the ranking)
  • The URL / site page positioned on the keyword;
  • An estimate of the SEO difficulty;
  • Bonus: you can filter by country.

Let's keep the example of Yakaferci:

4- Conclusion on Ubersuggest

Honestly, the tool is complete and above all free . Neil Patel is really a nice guy, because leaving this great tool free, with so much improved ergonomics and functionality , commands respect.

Is the tool better than Yooda Insight or Ranxplorer ? Maybe not, but in any case, I think that for a Webmaster, a small business or a Freelance SEO who is starting out, Ubersuggest is perfect.

FAQs About tools SEO Ubersuggest Neilpatel


Why use Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest: an SEO tool to generate keywords

It not only allows you to find the right keywords for your web content, but also to improve the positioning of your site or your blog on search engines . This keyword generator can then boost traffic on your website.

Where can I find Ubersuggest?

When you go to YouTube or Amazon and do a search, you will see data on suggested keywords. Once the Ubersuggest keyword research tool is installed, all you have to do is go to Google, YouTube or Amazon and do a search.

How to download Ubersuggest?

Like many SEO marketing tools, Ubersuggest can be accessed through a web browser . There is therefore no software or application to download to use Neil Patel's tool.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is one of the most popular free keyword generators available on the internet . It gathers all requests from Google Suggest, as well as data from Google Keyword Planner. It suggests keywords around a given semantics, in an easy-to-parse format.

How to do free SEO?

To reference your site for free on Google, you must first define the keywords on which you are going to position yourself . Indeed, we do not reference a site but content pages. To position your pages in the SERPs, you must first find relevant and accessible keywords.

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