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Download the SEOPlus template on the fourth version Blogger

Download the SEOPlus template on the fourth version of Blogger, the way to install it on the blog, and its most vital features, all of this and more ... this is often during this article.

The SEOPlus template may be a multi-use blogger template, and this template is meant to be compatible with all kinds of devices.

The most important characteristic of this title is that the fast download of the template so that you are doing not got to wait for the template pages to load.

According to the location speed test from Google, the download speed of the SEOPlus template reaches 91 on mobile and 98 on the pc, which is sweet. you'll view this test from here.

Now let's get to understand the features and method of downloading the SEOPlus template for free:

Download the SEOPlus template
Download the SEOPlus template

Features of the free version SEO Plus

  • Basic Blogger Tools All Elements All Elements
  • Supports HTTPS
  • Optimize and compress javascript
  • Optimization and compression of CSS and HTML codes
  • Photo delay feature
  • Meta and SEO codes
  • Respond
  • Internal links property
  • Table of contents property
  • Error page
  • Left to right direction LTR for foreign blogs
  • Ads within the partial posts
  • Colour control
  • Custom Pages (Contact Us - Archive)
  • Advanced comments feature
  • The property to stop copying of content
  • Top menu reshape feature


Preview links and download the SEOPlus template for free of charge 

Here are links to preview and download the first, error-free template:

Explain the way to activate the SEOPlus template

After downloading the template, you'll see an in-depth explanation of the template and find out how to put in it and customize the meta tags within the explanation file,

How to install a free SEO Plus?

The free SEOPlus template doesn't require much experience to put in the template, the template is straightforward to use and modify thanks to placing all the features within the layout, all you've got to try to do is upload the template on your blog and modify it from the design only,

And if you are doing not skills to upload a blogger template on the blog, don't worry, as I prepared for you a previous lesson on the way to install and upload knowledgeable blogger template, and you'll find the simplest professional blogger templates on this subject.

Important advice

Some misleading addresses find you how to "download the paid SEO Plus template for free" and once I attend these sites, I find that some people ask you to subscribe to their channel or something like that.

But let me be honest with you, there's nobody who pays for the template rather than you, albeit it's what proportion of money this person will get to buy the template for all the visitors who view this text.

You might tell me that he must buy the template once and put it within everyone's reach, but this is often not possible!

“ Because once you buy the template, you get 3 activations for 3 blogs (activation is on the blog itself, not on its link, meaning that you simply can change the blog's links - the blog's domain as you like)

You cannot remove the activations from the active blogs and switch them to a different one, apart from just one occasion per blog, meaning 3 permutations and three activations ”

So I highly recommend either downloading the free copies of the template, which are sufficient and good for you, especially if you're still in your youth.

Or buy paid to require advantage of another benefit just in case you've got the power.


From my personal experience, the simplest templates that you simply can use on Blogger are the Squeeze template and therefore the SEO Plus template.

This is because they're fast, aware of all devices, and free from errors which will cause you a great many problems afterwards.

As for Adsense, the foremost important thing is that the content that's compatible with SEO, and therefore the template must be freed from errors only! Neither paid nor free.

If you stray during this article, share it together with your friends also.

What is the simplest blogger template you've got ever tried? Write us the solution within the comments.

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