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6 Best Browsers for Windows 11 [Light and Fast]

  • If your loyalty to Win 11 makes you still run it, you will need the best Windows 11 browser.
  • You might be wondering how exactly a browser for Windows 11 differs from others.
  • Right balance between speed and efficiency, your option should be a lightweight Windows 11 browser.
  • Pay attention to download the fastest internet browser to make web pages load faster.

Tired of struggling with your current browser? Now is the perfect time to switch to Opera

350 million users rely on Opera daily. Only the best for you: a complete browsing experience, improved resource consumption and an attractive design.

Here's what to expect from Opera:

  • Easy synchronization and import: Use the Opera wizard to import all your data (bookmarks, favorites, passwords, etc.)
  • Optimized Resource Usage: No other browser will be able to use your RAM more efficiently
  • Enhanced Privacy: Unlimited Free Built-in VPN
  • Ad-free: Built-in ad blocker speeds up page loads and protects against profiling
  • Download Opera

Windows 11 is retired, but it still has a substantial user base. Rest assured that the best Windows 11 browser still exists and it will be able to adapt perfectly to your needs.

Now listed under the category of historical artifacts, Win 11 isn't quite a relic. Many Internet users remain loyal to him and persist in carrying his legacy further.

It is admirable, certainly, but not devoid of challenges. If you like this version of Windows, there's no reason not to.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to make sure to create the optimal environment, which includes applications cut to highlight this emblematic operating system.

When it comes to browsing, you'll clearly need a lightweight Windows 11 browser. Among our top picks:

  • Opera – Free Browser for Windows 11 64-bit, 32-bit
  • UR Browser – Parallel Download Technology
  • Chrome – Intuitive user interface
  • Mozilla Firefox – Easy to configure
  • Vivaldi – Clean Tab Management
  • Edge – An Unsurprising Choice

The best Windows 11 browser should be powerful enough to meet the demands of a modern user, but just as light so as not to clutter it.

Fortunately, there are always good options that are able to satisfy these particular claims. But first..

How to change browser on Windows 11?

How to switch browser on Windows 11:

  • To start, you will need to download and install your preferred browser on Windows 11.
  • Then, open the CPanel from menu .
  • Choose Programs , then Default Programs .
  • Here, select Set your default programs .
  • Pick the browser you downloaded earlier from the list of programs and click Set this program as default .

You have just learned how to switch the Windows 11 default browser. It’s easy, right?

Now let’s not waste any more time and see which browser for Windows 11 to pick to have the best possible experience.

What is the best browser in Windows 11?

Best Browsers for Windows
Best Browsers for Windows

1- Opera – Download Opera free for Windows 11 64 bit

Opera is by far the best Windows 11 browser that stands out for its originality and functionality.

Even though it is a Chromium browser, Opera has a unique UI design, speed dialing pages and toolbar sidebar.

These allow users to pin shortcuts and other handy options.

Want to know more ? Take a look at  our full Opera review  and see how well its features live up to your expectations!

The list of advantages includes its built-in converters, power saving option for laptops, instant search bar and screenshot utility for pages.

Additionally, Opera's built-in ad blocker can remove many ads to speed up browsing.

Browser features:

  • A VPN that is integrated into the browser
  • The option to install extensions from Opera and Chrome
  • A battery saver mode that reduces power consumption
  • A newsreader that is built into the browser
  • A simple way to create, import and sync visual bookmarks

2- UR Browser – Parallel download technology

UR is a good alternative browser for Windows 11, with all the essential features for most users.

One of the unique aspects of UR is that it has an antivirus scanner, a VPN and an ad blocker built-in. The browser also boasts fast download speeds due to its advanced parallel technology.

As a Chromium browser, UR has a similar interface design to Google Chrome, but very neat.

However, its simple design does not prevent it from accessing Chrome’s huge collection of extensions. So there are many add-ons available for UR.

3- Mozilla Firefox – Easy to configure

Mozilla resurrected Firefox with its Quantum update. This made Fox a faster browser, revamped its user interface, and added new tools to it.

Firefox now ranks among the most customizable browsers. Thus, users can rearrange the toolbar, add new themes, and configure fonts from the Options tab .

In addition, there are many extensions for Firefox with which users can further improve the browser.

Another big advantage of Mozilla Firefox is that it is a lighter and more system-efficient browser than Chrome.

Mozilla boasts that RAM usage is 30% lower than Chrome. Thus, Firefox is one of the best Windows 11 browsers at lower system specs.

4- Vivaldi – Sleek tab management

Vivaldi's user interface is similar to Opera and contains customization and tab management options that few others can match. Besides, it is an excellent portable browser .

Allowing the customization of visual elements, keyboard shortcuts, start page and windows, the Vivaldi browser is aimed more at experienced users.

For tab management, Vivaldi includes grouping and tiling options. Additionally, users can move the tab bar to the side of the window.

Users can also add Chrome extensions to Vivaldi which is another big bonus.

5- Google Chrome – Yes, Chrome for Windows

Many users on Windows 11 and other platforms prefer Google Chrome as their browser.

Chrome is a fast browser that supports all the latest web technologies based on HTML5, though it can consume a lot of system resources.

It has a simple and user-friendly design that allows users to customize it with many extensions and themes.

Also, it is a great browser for cross-platform use as it can sync tabs, extensions, and bookmarks across all devices.

6- Microsoft Edge pour Windows – An unsurprising choice

Inextricably linked to Windows 11, Edge is clearly the browser for Microsoft.

On the other hand, it crosses the barriers of Windows 11, being able to adapt to all versions of Windows for PC or server, and even to Linux, Mac or iOS/Android platforms.

Which browser for Windows 11 in 2022? Edge Windows 11 is a combination not to be missed.

How to install Microsoft Edge on Windows 11:

  • Head over to the official Edge page and scroll all the way down.
  • You will see a drop-down menu that will allow you to select the Windows version you are interested in.
  • Be sure to download Microsoft Edge for Windows 11. (The download file should match which version you're running, 32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Disconnect from the Internet and run the previously downloaded installation file (Microsoft Edge Windows 11 Offline Installer).
  • Install the browser, re-enable the internet connection and enjoy Microsoft Edge for Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge VS Google Chrome?

Many wonder about the point of using this particular browser over another.

Since Chrome is globally the most popular option, we will see why one should favor one or the other.

Indeed, both browsers are based on the Chromium engine, which brings them closer rather than differentiating them. One is the browser for Microsoft, while the other is designed for Android devices.

Since Edge is now the default built-in browser on newer Windows versions, we'd say it has a competitive edge.

In fact, Edge is one of the least RAM-intensive browsers out there , while Chrome is notorious for its gargantuan appetite for system resources.

Finally, Brave, Phoenix, Orange or Torch are other interesting browser options for Windows 11. Clearly, you have where to choose.

Have you found the best Windows 11 browser yet? Here's how to switch internet browsers in Windows 11 and set up your dream choice to surf the web at blazing speed.

FAQs Best Browsers for Windows 11 

FAQs Best Browsers for Windows
FAQs Best Browsers for Windows

1- What are the best web browsers for Windows 11?

Some of the best web browsers for Windows 11 are Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi Browser. These browsers have different features and advantages that make them suitable for Windows 11 users.

2- Which browser consumes the least CPU?

Edge had the lowest CPU usage by a significant margin. Opera was the second best performer, followed closely by Chrome. Mozilla improved its performance slightly from the previous test, but still lagged behind the others. This test showed clear differences among the browsers with at least three distinct outcomes.

3- Can you use other browsers on Windows 11?

Windows 11 supports many browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. These browsers have various capabilities and speeds that make them versatile for different needs.

4- Which is better for Windows 11: Chrome or Edge?

According to our results, Chrome (scored 481) is better than Edge (scored 329). Both Chrome and Edge offer excellent web performance on Windows 11, with fast loading times and minimal response times. However, Chrome has an edge over Edge in these aspects.

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