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5 Emerging Social Media Platforms You Should Watch

Your company can benefit more from other social media sites than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are a smart marketer, you use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your content, market your products and services, and grow your company. But many new competing social media sites are constantly emerging, and although many of them do not reach the same levels of success, a few of them can reach the level of the hugely popular social media sites. Moreover, if you are an early adopter of emerging alternatives, your company may reap the greatest benefits from social media.

Emerging social media platforms
Emerging social media platforms

If you want to be proactive, keep a close eye on these five social media sites:

1- Social media: TikTok platform

The social media platform TikTok, formerly known as, has found great success with younger audiences. According to research firm Sensor Tower, TikTok was the fourth most downloaded app of 2018. TikTok is all about short, constantly playing videos, like the now-defunct Vine. Users can easily create and share video content, but what sets TikTok apart from other video creation sites is the simplicity of adding music layers, fun effects, AR filters , and more.

Reasons to use it:The social media platform TikTok has gotten a bit of a bad rap as a silly singing simulation platform aimed at kids, but if your target segment is between the ages of 16-24, it's a great place to market your business and is especially effective for fashion and e-commerce businesses looking to work with influencers or something. It's called "influencers".

2- Social media: Lasso platform

Lasso , the social media platform that launched without fanfare in late 2018, is essentially Facebook's version of TikTok. Users can record and share short videos with fun filters and effects. They can also log in from their Facebook or Instagram accounts and simultaneously post their videos to their Facebook Story. It is said that the feature to allow Lasso videos to be posted on Instagram will be added soon.

Reasons to use it: While Lasso does not have the popularity of TikTok right now, it could catch up with its stronger competitor soon, so if your target segment uses TikTok, Lasso is a social media platform that you should watch closely in the coming period.

3- Social media: Vero platform

The social media platform, Vero, offers an alternative to Instagram, and prides itself on having no ads, no data mining, and no algorithms. Vero users can share content such as video, photos, music, TV shows, movies, books, links, and more. In addition, users can choose who can see posts from four options: close friends, friends, acquaintances or followers. There is no advertising on the Vero platform, and companies can still work with influencers on the platform and pay to add a Buy Now button to their posts.

Reasons to use it: No Ads or Algorithms, Vero is marketed as the most 'trusted' social platform. It is also an ideal platform for companies that want to build a solid relationship with their customers. It is also a great platform to learn more about your target segment; It allows its users to share multiple types of content.

4- Social networking sites: Steemit platform

Steemit is a blogging and social networking site built on distributed database technology (blockchain) that rewards its users for sharing and curating content with a cryptocurrency called STEEM. So while a user creates content that users of this social media platform like and upvote, they and the upvoters are paid as well. Users can then convert their cryptocurrency into real money. You might think that this Reddit alternative is only for technology and cryptocurrency topics, but it is not. Users can create content related to many topics such as travel, photography, music, and sports.

Reasons to use it: While Steemit does not have a large user base yet, savvy marketers can use it as an additional channel to share their content and increase their number of followers, while benefiting from financial revenue.

5- Social networking sites: Caffeine platform

The social networking platform «Caffeine» is directed to social broadcasting (podcast) similar to the social networking platform Twitch, which was invented by designers who previously worked at Apple, and focuses mainly on games, entertainment and creative arts. You can broadcast live to your friends and followers, and viewers can interact with you in real time through comments and emojis.

Reasons to use it: According to Livestream, 80% of consumers would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog about it, so livestreaming on a platform like Caffeine can attract a lot of attention and engagement; Not just for video game users, your company can broadcast Q&A segments, a behind-the-scenes tour of the company, product presentation and much more.

Take a closer look at these social media sites to discover the perfect one for your business. Catching up on these social media sites early may pay off for you, and you will be one step ahead of your competitors. As the saying goes: fortune favors the brave.

Influencer marketing through social media

And you can do marketing through influencers, as it has become a powerful tool in light of the boom in marketing channels. It becomes clear that there is still confusion and ignorance of the most appropriate way to use it. 61 percent of marketers answered a survey that it is difficult for them to determine the best influencers to work with for a campaign, so we want to find a leading brand or company that has carved its name through influencer marketing; One such brand that others can learn from is Jersey Champs, an online clothing company that sells almost all of its shirts to influencers.

In the beginnings of Jersey Champs, Sean Kelly, the founder of the brand, was studying at Rutgers University and running the company from his room in the university dormitory, and after he saw an opportunity to work in the popularity of sports shirts, Kelly looked for the possibility of selling him shirts. With customized designs that are not necessarily related to sports.

Three years later, his company had sold hundreds of thousands of T-shirts in partnership with influencers including Logan Paul, rappers 2 Chainz and Logic, as well as Mark Cuban and other celebrities and influential athletes. Kelly attributes his success mostly to his success in attracting celebrities and influencers, and he considered that in the beginning it was just a matter of sending an influencer a shirt and praying that they share it with their fans, and when they did that we were overwhelmed with happiness, but now that the company has grown they realize the importance of influencer marketing, They now have written annual partnership contracts to license the process and specify its details.

Three important lessons are recommended for successful social media influencer marketing campaigns:

1- Social Media Marketing: Selecting influencers and discussing the details

With so many influencers to choose from, it can be difficult to select the perfect one. Therefore, you must identify the ideal customer and then build an entire strategy for business and growth on this basis, including choosing the influencers you work with. The brand must target a specific group of customers, and choose the appropriate influencer accordingly.

Spend plenty of time following customers on Instagram, knowing what music they're listening to and who they're watching on YouTube to decide who to connect with to create a partnership. Once you spot a rapper, or influencer who is gaining popularity with your target customer segment, waste no time communicating with them, so it's a good idea to get involved heavily in social media trends, and make an effort to pay close attention to the Explore page within Instagram and Trending news.

2- Social Media Marketing: Judging influencer importance based on interaction, not audience size

Due to the large number of fake followers and unengaged audiences, for some people it is better to be shown on an Instagram page with 1 million followers, but when it comes to sales, audience loyalty and engagement are more important. For example: Partnering with influencer Logan Paul is great because he has such a strong connection with his fans. Interestingly, 48 percent of marketers who participated in an influencer marketing forum survey cited audience loyalty as the most important factor when considering choosing the right influencer.

But there's an influencer lesson here for anyone looking to work with an influencer: while follower count may be an attraction, it doesn't reflect loyalty.

3- Social Media Marketing: Don't stop at just one post

Once you have approved the right influencer for you, it is recommended that you do everything you can to maximize the deal. When you start talking to an influencer, brainstorm what you can do with them. Custom T-shirts, [Exclusive Giveaways] and fun ways to create content. It's not just about putting one post on the influencer's page. They're supposed to want to market the brand and see the value in that for themselves too, it's all about making noise.

Another important part of extracting value from influencers is getting paid ads to reach their audiences. As part of the deal, try negotiating access to their Facebook ad audiences, so you can supply the influencer's offerings with paid ads that promote your brand. This goes back to confirming the original point [about pinpointing the smallest details]. A big part of marketing is getting in front of the right audiences, and if your influencer has already done that, then you should take advantage of that in a number of ways and not be content with just one post.

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